Process Consulting


We are production systems experts

When you consult with the knowledgeable production systems experts at Stolle, you engage experienced professionals with a passion for finding the right solution for you.? Stolle Systems engineers can perform a comprehensive audit of your can or end line, then analyze the data and make recommendations on how to increase production and/or lower material and operating costs.? We partner with you not only for the immediate project, but for the life cycle of your production equipment, including:

  • Cost saving assessments
  • Technical support & training
  • Process improvement
  • Spoilage / Efficiency audits
  • Machine evaluation
  • Installation and commissioning
    • Print process support
    • Specialist engineer in metal forming
    • Services on mechanical and electrical work
  • Maintenance and overhaul
  • Removal and renewal of equipment

We also have a great deal of experience helping customers with material conversions (steel or aluminum), and providing the expertise to maximize the production potential of can or end lines.


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