Promoting Your Brand


A metal container holds a lot more than just the product inside.? Whether it's a beverage, food or other product, it holds the image of the company that made the product.? It uses color, shape and textures to promote the brand experience.? It supports the confidence of the buyer that the product inside lives up to their perceptions.? It offers a strong usability advantage thanks to the easy opening end.? And it delivers a “green” benefit for that brand over other types of packaging by being easily and infinitely recyclable.

At Stolle, our products and services allow canmakers to promote their customer's brands by producing the highest quality cans efficiently and economically - and do it reliably thousands of time every day.? With a history of innovation and service dating back 140 years, Stolle is the leading supplier of value-added machinery and services for the metal container industry.? To meet the growing demand for unique packaging solutions, our machines and production lines are at work in our customers’ plants around the world producing the best cans and ends at near impossible speeds.? Our commitment to creative solutions and superior customer support positions Stolle to continue this tradition long into the future.

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