Stolle Asia / Pacific


Region Overview

No market in the world is as robust and dynamic as that of the Asia Pacific region.? From Japan, throughout Southeast Asia, to Australia, Stolle has a long history of supporting the growing metal packaging industry in these important Asian markets.? From our centrally-located facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, our talented staff assists beverage and food canmakers with machinery sales, machine and die set rebuilding, genuine Stolle parts, responsive field service, and technical assistance.

Plant Overview

Stolle has a facility in Ho Chi Minh City to serve the growing canmaking industry in Vietnam and the surrounding countries of Southeast Asia.? In addition to being a responsive center for sales and service, several major can and end plant projects by Stolle Global Systems have been managed and staged out of this facility. ?Stolle's Vietnam facility is a regional center for machinery rebuilding, including bodymakers, inker units and cupping die sets. ?A "We Can Do It" attitude, combined with experience and quality expertise has placed this office in the hub of activities surrounding this growing market. ?

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