Stolle China


Region Overview

International restaurateur Martin Yan said, "Food brings all of us together..." ?Food is a reflection of culture, history, religion and many other things." ?In the last five years alone, the food production industry in China has developed rapidly as longer working hours and busy lifestyles have led to an increased demand for canned food and beverages among China's changing population. ?Stolle supports this growing market with the latest equipment, machine and die set rebuilding, genuine Stolle parts, responsive field service, and technical assistance. ?Stolle is always prepared to serve canmakers in China and around the world.


Stolle Shanghai

Stolle’s China facility is located in Shanghai city, the economic, financial, and business center of China. Stolle Shanghai is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stolle U.S. and is strategically located to serve our many Chinese customers. Located in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, the facility has a large warehouse for stocking spare parts for can and end making machinery. ?With the advantage of duty-free inventory for the customers, we can greatly shorten the lead time for the parts supply to the customers in Asia. ?Stolle Shanghai is also the home base for a technical service team who travel to can plants throughout China to service and install Stolle machines. ?The Chinese service engineers and customer support manager allow us to have a quick response time and address issues in a timely fashion.

Above-Left: ?Entrance to Stolle Shanghai facility
Above-Right: ?Office area for engineering and customer service
Right: ?Extensive spare parts inventory in bonded warehouse
Below: ?Shipping and receiving area


Guangzhou Stolle-Denuo Machinery Co.

Stolle has a major presence in China through our international agent Guangzhou Stolle-Denuo Machinery Co., Ltd.? GZ Stolle-Denuo has a staff of 25 engineers and technicians which include 3 service technicians for machinery installation, repairs and rebuilds.? They also have 3 technicians working in customer plants to support the Stolle equipment.? GZ Stolle-Denuo has a 4305 sq.ft. office area for administration, engineering and field service dispatch, as well as an 8000 sq.ft. machine assembly area and parts warehouse.


Above-Left: ?Guangzhou Stolle-Denuo staff
Above-Right: ?Exterior of GZ Stolle-Denuo
Right: ?Large facility for machine rebuilding
Below: ?Machining center at GZ Stolle-Denuo


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