Stolle Global Parts and Service


Value After the Sale

At Stolle, customer support after the sale is not an afterthought – it’s the bedrock on which our customer relationships are based.? We’re committed to supporting our large base of installed machinery around the world to help maximize our customers’ productivity and profitability.? This commitment is realized through our Stolle Customer Support Program which focuses on the “four S’s” that are essential to maximizing equipment ROI: Systems, Spare Parts, Service and Support.? Our global technical teams can offer responsive service with reduced travel times and a parts inventory that's strategically located near you.? And of course, every customer benefits from the latest technology and engineering features that keep Stolle equipment consistently at the forefront of canmaking.

Solutions for Every Situation

Pledging to help you get the most from every piece of Stolle equipment is a huge undertaking and requires a global company with the technology, experience and a proven track record of success that only a long history can provide.? So whether your need is for:

  • The most reliable, highest precision OEM replacement parts available for rapid delivery;
  • Expert field technicians located throughout the world that are trained in every aspect of the assembly, maintenance and operation of our systems;
  • System rebuilds, product or size changeovers, upgrades or overhauls;
  • Line or individual machine assessments and evaluations;

…Stolle has the expertise, resources and ability to provide the solution that serves you the best.

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